About this site

This site is generated using Emacs org-mode and served from S3. Whole idea is try to keep things simple, avoid pre-build stuff and allow easy publishing of my thoughts in blog like format. I could have used dedicated blogging site or run some Open source content management system. Those alternatives just did not feel right. Now I have complete control where to store my writings and how they are processed.

Who am I?

Man with black cap and hoodie sitting in pawement and hacking with a laptop

I am a husband and a father of two. But this site is mostly not about my personal life, but about software development and coding.

I started programming when I was something like 10 years old. I really don`t remember how things got exactly started. Somehow we just started to program with my friend. First we started with Basic and little by little we moved to Pascal, VisualBasic and finally to Java. There might have been some others languages too. Basically we wondered in the woods or builded snow castles and talked what kind of program or game we could start to program. Then we went inside and started hacking. At some point we were thrown back out and then we throw some more ideas. While we programmed we both sat in front of computer and at some point we switched. Other person pointed out errors or planned the program further. Today this is called pair coding.

That is how the years went by. My best friend was couple of years older than I so he moved to another city for University before I did. And when I finally did move it was to another city. At that point our paths kind of split and we saw each others only occasionally. It was big mistake not to keep more in touch. We both tought we had more time. Unfortunately my friend suddendly died.

Despite the sad ending these experiences have shaped my life trendemously. I have never stopped doing what I started as a kid. At some point I started to get paid for doing it. However I dont't code to get paid. I get paid so I am able to code.